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BHBVFD Fund Raising Project

The Bow Horn Bay VFD has begun a fund-raising program. We now have the WASP Manufacturing Wildfire Sprinkler Protection Kits for sale, to raise funds toward the purchase of an inflatable Safety House.

Sprinkler protection, combined with a few FireSmart techniques to eliminate potential ignition sources, is a proven way of dramatically increasing the survivability of your home in a wildfire, at very little cost.
The sprinkler kits include two sprinklers, two brackets, and two hoses, and retail for $149.00. The sprinkler heads easily mount on the gutter of your home by placing them with a broom handle – no need for ladders.

To order a kit for yourself, fill out this order form, stop by the Bow Horn Bay fire hall on a Monday or Tuesday, or email

For a quick video click here:

For more info on the Wasp Manufacturing sprinkler kits, check…/wasp-gutter-mount-sprinkler-…/

For info on the FireSmart program, check

For info on the Safety House, check

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Now Recruiting!


Stop by the fire hall for Monday evening practice at 7:00PM or fill out an application today!

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